Poker Game Types

The fame and popularity gained by Poker can be said to have been contributed by a lot of occasions and scenarios that can be dated back in the olden days. It's just a popular waging game that has withstood the test of time and this alone is proof that it's worthy of the attention it has received from players throughout the years. However, there's no doubt that the more unbeknownst players may only be aware of Poker as a whole or its more popular variant which is the Texas Hold'em Poker. Colt Poker knows that the game isn't restrained by a single variant alone because in fact, it's packed with different Poker Game Types to choose from which exceeds other waging game variants offered in the market.

Aside from the Texas Hold'em variant which can now be played through brick and mortar establishments as well as web-based ones, other types of poker that Colt Poker deems to be worthy of attention are Omaha High, Five Card Draw, Seven Card Stud and more. These games are not different in name alone, as each of them has completely unique characteristics that sets them apart from each other, making them all worthy to check out especially for lovers and passionate players of the game.

In terms of popularity, Omaha High ranks second only to Texas Hold'em and this can be contributed best by the fact that it's almost similar to the popular aforementioned variant. They also have the same hand structures, with bits of differences in the gaming mechanics. This Omaha High is more often called simply as Omaha and just like Texas Hold'em, it can also be played quite easily through land-based and online gaming.

Before Texas Hold-em reached its fame, Seven Card Stud is the one in the limelight. The action and excitement it provides is unquestionable and its unique mechanics where the opponent's hard are visible to you, serves a unique challenging atmosphere for both you and your opponent. If you want something less complex and a little bit simpler to play, then Five Card Draw is agreed upon by many, to be one of the easiest variant of the game. These poker game types may have their distinct characteristics, but all of them are undeniably worthy of the prestige of being a variant of this popular game.